Mimi Sosa, Instructor/Guide


In order to improve her health and reduce work-related stress, Mimi turned to yoga in the 1990s to help reclaim and reinvigorate herself. Yoga's focus on breath and movement helped center and ground her life. Her physical, mental and spiritual development inspired her to share a passion for yoga with people who want to re-energize and refocus their hectic lives.


Mimi is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance, having studied with Rolf Gates, Paul Grilley, Sean Corn, Shiva Rea, and Tias Little. She is certified in prenatal yoga thru Lisa Matkin and Sarah Longacre (prenatal teachers/doula.) and is currently working on bringing yoga to infants/kids with Mommy & Baby yoga classes, including classes at Indiana’s public libraries. In addition to teaching yoga, Mimi is also a certified doula through Doulas of National America.  She hopes to visit India one day! “The possibility ahead is that we may discover the Light on the Earth – every city and every nation and every corner of the world.” Doug Boyd.  Mimi says, “Let’s just begin right here in Indiana!”